Quick Naira App: N50k Fast Loan With No Collateral Or Document Claim

Quick Naira loan app is one of the evolving instant lending platforms to borrow money from in Nigeria for 2022, by reputation, by quick lending turnaround, by downloads, by customer data privacy and feedbacks. The app has gotten over 100,000 downloads within a few time it was unveiled. Let us know if you have any negative or unethical response behavior or treatment from their service offering.

Quick Naira Loan Organization: Offering N50k Instant Loan With No Collateral, Guarantor Or Document

Quick Naira though relatively new but has been able to make positive effects in the loan apps industry in Nigeria. The credit platform is good for young professionals all over Nigeria as you can apply for personal loans online and get up to ₦50,000 of direct cash transfer to a bank account within a few minutes.

Quick Naira App: N50k Fast Loan With No Collateral Or Document
Quick Naira App: N50k Fast Loan With No Collateral Or Document

Quick Naira provides:

1. Loan amount: ₦1,000 to ₦50,000
2. Loan term: the shortest term is 6 months, the longest is 12 months
3. Daily interest rate: 0.067%
4. Monthly interest rate: 2.038%
4. Annual interest rate (APR): 24.46%
5. Service fee: Loan amount 0.5%

Loan Example & Calculation:
If the principal is ₦10,000, the tenure is 12 months, then

Total interest payable
Loan amount * Monthly interest rate * Loan term = Total interest payable
₦10,000 * 2.038% * 12 = ₦2445.5

Total amount payable
Loan amount + Total interest payable + Service fee = Total amount payable
₦10,000 + ₦2445.6 + ₦50= ₦12,495.5

The monthly repayment amount is

Total amount payable / Loan term = Monthly repayment amount
₦12,495.5 / 12 = ₦1041.29

Eligibility of Quick Naira

1. The age requirement must be over 18 years old.
2. You must be a Nigerian citizen.

To apply for a loan, you just need to follow several steps:

1. Download Quick Naira from Google Play.
2. Create your account with your phone number and log in.
3. Fill in the information to complete the loan process
4. Verify the information and credit risk profile.
5. Apply for the loan
6. Receive your loan into your bank account.
7. Repayment at any time before the due date.

Quick Naira: Data Privacy, Safety and Security:

When you download the APP, we will ask your permission to use the data on your phone (including your SMS and other permission) to verify your identity and create a credit score. We take privacy very seriously and will never share your personal information without your direct permission.

Quick Naira App: N50k Fast Loan With No Collateral Or Document
MONEY CABAL is promoting ethical lending across Nigeria, shun loan sharks, report any case of harassment to us: Give us a feedback about your experience with QUICK NAIRA

Quick Naira Contact Information:

The loan app platform says they are always happy to hear from you! If you have any feedback or concerns, please contact them on

Email: demetriustharp@gmail.com
Address: 3, Salamu Kaola street, Olambe Rd, Akeredolu, Lagos

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Quick Naira App: N50k Fast Loan With No Collateral Or Document
Quick Naira: MONEY CABAL is promoting ethical lending services globally and fighting loan shark harassment across board

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