How To Apply For Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan 2022

In partnership with the federal government, Sterling bank Kiakia loan provides loan to eligible customers who apply for one at any point of the day. The loan has two amount offers of N50,000 or N100,000. It is a non-collateral loan. Although the latter number has been in such high demand since two months ago that the former is easily attainable

When applying for Sterling bank Kiakia loan, a new sterling account is included. Once your loan is accepted, the borrowed sum will be paid into your new account. It provides a simple payback schedule. Depending on your preference, this repayment schedule is either weekly or monthly for six (6) months.

Whether you make a living from a job or are a business owner, the Sterling bank kiakia loan is quite inexpensive. You must pay back a total of N54,000 for a loan of N50,000, and N108,000 for a loan of N100,000 within six (6) months. This indicates that you have the option of paying N2250 weekly or N9000 monthly.

How To Apply For Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan
How To Apply For Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan

It’s extremely fascinating that a portion of the total repayment amount will remain in your account and not belong to your lender. For instance, if you borrow N100,000 and repay N108,000 with it, you will have N5,000 left over. Isn’t that wonderful?

This loan has no collateral requirements, but if you don’t repay it through your sterling bank account, keep in mind that your BVN has been collected, and that links to other accounts. That implies that they have access to your other bank accounts. It’s that easy.

If you speak pidgin English, you’d know ‘Kiakia’ means fast, or better still ‘quickly’. That is precisely the idea behind Sterling bank KiaKia Loan.

KiaKia loan makes it very easy to access a loan without any collateral.

There isn’t a Sterling bank KiaKia loan app available right now in any of the mobile app store. Their website is where you may use all of their borrowing services. They assert that this will enable utility phone users to access all of their services.

How To Apply For Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan
How To Apply For Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan

The interest rates on this loan range from as little as 5.6% to as much as 24%. This isn’t a terrible rate basis, taking into account the speed of applications. One thing is for certain, though: during the loan application process, the precise applicable interest rate will be disclosed, and you can choose to accept or reject it.

The terms of the Kiakia loan are very straightforward. The loan just needs to be paid off within the last seven to thirty days.

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However, due of the benefits that come with it, it is advised to pay off your debts earlier if you can, this will boost your credit score against when next you intend to apply for Sterling bank kiakia loan.

These are the requirements needed to apply for Sterling bank KiaKia loan:

  • Valid means of Identification
  • A bank account with sterling bank and also a Bank Verification Number
  • Also, proof of income from the workplace or business
  • A working email address
  • You reside in Nigeria
  • Finally, you must be 21 and above

Advantages Of Sterling Bank Kiakia Loan

  • The application process is easy and funds are released within minutes
  • Also, it does not require any serious paperwork
  • No geographical restrictions, meaning you can apply from anywhere


  • It comes with a loan processing charge
  • Lastly, the maximum amount of borrowable is quite low

Follow This Simple Steps Below To Apply For Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan:

  • Visit the website and create an account with your accurate details
  • Start an application chat on the site
  • Upload a valid means of identification
  • Enter your desired loan amount
  • Choose the loan duration
  • Upload a screenshot of your last 3 salary or business income alerts
  • Accept the loan terms and conditions if your application is approved
  • Authenticate your bank account
  • Lastly, get credited

Sterling bank KiaKia loan is unquestionably what you should look at if short-term loans are what you’re after. If you work with them for a while and build credit with them, you can qualify for loans that are much larger. You only need to visit their website, complete the necessary fields, and your loan application will be reviewed.

How To Apply For Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan
How To Apply For Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan

If it is successful, you will quickly receive your loan. However, you should only apply for a KiaKia loan if you can afford it. No room exists for defaults.

To apply for Kiakia loan click here

Using this platform, you can get a comprehensive loan that is crafted to meet your unique demands. In essence, it enables you to evaluate loans from several lenders in Africa, guaranteeing that the ideal choice doesn’t lapse.

If a problem is encountered while acquiring the loan or you have a problem on what to do and how to do it, you can speak with their customer care representatives at 08093078377, 0905511140 or 08092245588.

You can also email them or also on whatsapp @08092245588 or visit them at Dele Onabule Street, Magodo Brooks Estate Lagos And Suite S3, Path field mall, 4th Avenue Gwarinpa Abuja.

We have given you a step by step guide on how to successfully apply for a loan without collateral and going through this post you can see we just made your decision to apply for a loan from kiakia very easy.

Before accepting any loan, make sure to read the terms and conditions, the interest rates, and the methods of repayment.

If this post has been helpful to you in any way, please don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts; we’d love to know what you think about their loan offers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Sterling Bank Kiakia Loan

What Is The Code To Borrow From Sterling Bank?

Sterling Bank customers have access to basic financial services by simply dialing *822#.

How Do I Borrow From KiaKia?

Follow the steps below to apply for KiaKia loan:
  • Visit the website and create an account with your accurate details.
  • Start an application chat on the site.
  • Upload a valid means of identification.
  • Enter your desired loan amount.
  • Choose the loan duration.
  • Upload a screenshot of your last 3 salary or business income alerts.

What Documents Do You Need To Open A Sterling Bank Account?

To open a Starling account you will need a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a passport or a driving licence. We are unable to accept birth certificates, or citizen cards. Read more about our account opening process here. Please note all of our accounts are subject to eligibility criteria.

Is KiaKia Loan In Ghana?

Kiakia loan is a subsidiary of the Sterling Bank of Nigeria. Besides that, it is an online loan financier that provides personal loans for unemployed in Ghana at reasonable interest rates. The concept behind the KiaKia loan is to provide fast and effective loan access.


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